ALBudoor projects

Continuing preeminence

Statement by the President

Property privileged position in the world of investments and acquisitions, as it is based on solid foundations concerned with combining the touch market needs and provide outstanding demand models, to be the result of the equation is a strong and coherent investment with the confidence of a close and continuous evolution
The property extends prospects to form a landmark in the process of development under the leadership of our government, they are the mouthpiece of the country’s modern renaissance facade, and the property is a precious commodity in the various classes citizen, in search of stability in the housing, or an investment in the commercial sphere Safe
In addition; Valakar is one of the fastest growing commercial areas and resurgence in products and specifications, which means that we will do our best to provide the summary of the experiment, in order to provide role models for you in the world of Alakaran we gain confidence.
We ask Allah to reconcile ,,,

? who are we

With the help of God Almighty has been created ( RAWDH ALKHUZAMA ) in 1418 AH, corresponding to 1997 and since Tllk moment the institution has been implementing the construction projects, particularly residential ones finest neighborhoods in Riyadh and Dhahran, which is characterized by its beauty architectural and skill to exploit space in the design and high quality.
RAWDH ALKHUZAMA Budoor project management is always seeking to take serious and wide steps toward progress to construction residential and bearing in mind the provision of adequate housing for its customers and highlight the spirit of modernity and excellence in one of its projects after the other, with the provision of the highest quality and safety standards at an affordable cost enabling a wide segment of the community and the Saudi family to own unit residential suit all possibilities.
RAWDH ALKHUZAMA in its projects on the completeness of the infrastructure as well as excellence in the location that you choose to set up their projects.
Our policy in the real estate projects that are requiring our various accomplished by employing the hands of trained to the highest level of expertise and suppliers are highly efficient supply of the highest quality materials to achieve excellence in quality in line with customer requirements and in accordance with the approved specifications and standards.
Our Goal is to work: – (good planning + appropriate number + good material + hands-trained = creativity).
Tsamamatna: –
The architectural designs for projects characterized by meeting them for the personal needs of our clients and ensure availability with privacy (special position number Unit – rooms for drivers – rooms for maids) in addition to the modern and integrated housing interior design