ALBudoor projects

Continuing preeminence

Development Management

RAWDH ALKHUZAMA Foundation to provide innovative projects appear in the template economically feasible, and behind it the work of development management who cares about innovation and polarization and the study team.

The assigned work

Innovation projects and generating ideas

Attract opportunities and partnerships

Preparation of studies and research necessary to make a decision about the opportunities and projects

Quality and standard of the company’s business units monitor

Engineering Management

To get closer to the vision that we aspire to have made the effort to complete the labor department, which accommodate aspirations, Voncina Engineering Management, which draws everyone’s ambitious requirements, Vtaaljha ultra-professionalism and provide them with ideas and engineering designs to be achieved on the ground.

The assigned work

Engineering studies

Engineering design

Project management

After that RAWDH ALKHUZAMA Foundation based investment projects commensurate with the vision and aspirations; the institution deliberately team specializes in project management to prepare operational plan which the company and its allies were able to continue to work and access to the finest detail with the latest mechanisms to be fully contentment of Serna about what we aspire to

The assigned work

The preparation of operational plans for comprehensive development projects

The organizational structure of the team work and responsibilities

Time stages of work

Cost and cash flows of the project

Projects execution

Provide after-sales services

Marketing Management

We seek loans in lavender Foundation to strengthen our relationship with our customers and provide them with our projects in striking a template to its content of splendor and mastery, and through the marketing department.

The Foundation relies on its customers databases to communicate with them and provide Maystjd to have projects

The assigned work

Sales Services

In Budoor projects, the client is always a priority, and for this reason we will aim first to understand the requirements of our customers and then establish our services on the basis of what Explore ideas Exploreit from those requirements, where we have a team of professionals in the field of sales who deal regularly with our customers, they immediately responded to all inquiries and contacts and to provide specialized services to meet their needs

Pre-sales services

In Budoor projects, building relationship with our customers is not limited to being a relationship between the service provider and the consumer, but is a partnership relationship beyond the sale process to crystallize the relationship in the long term. To achieve this purpose, we have available a team of specialists in the field of full-time sales for the management of customer service before and after-sales service and to provide specialized services to all our customers.

After-sales service

In terms of our appreciation to our customers as the fulcrum upon which we built our vision, we have appointed a dedicated team to provide a complete service to post-sale. We do not finish our relationship with our clients after the conclusion of the sale, but the beginning of a long term partnership, it is this same spirit, customer support offering specialized services to our customers, which is an extension of services pre-sales and the addition team continue, we offer

Services and other benefits

Two years free maintenance for all residential units after the sale

Providing maids rooms each housing unit

Special position of each unit Bno.ha

Providing rooms for drivers each project

Installation of systems security and safety on all projects and residential units

Provide advisory services to post-sale guidance through the use of the dwelling unit booklet

Facilitate the process of communicating with us through multiple channels of communication to suit all abilities